Each position matters

Throughout this week we’ve been doing our 10-minute shows. After everything we’ve learned this entire semester we are finally putting it to use. And it’s been interesting to see how each person can effect the production. It’s shown me that each position matters and that knowing what you’re doing is more important than you realize. Overall we’ve worked well as a team and it’s awesome to see how we’ve grown to know each other and work together so well!


Lately, I’ve been looking into public relations jobs all over the world for a class assignment. As I’ve researched what the job entails, it’s done nothing but reinforce my gratitude for finding what I want to do so soon. I know PR is for me and that makes me all the more excited to continue learning throughout college.¬†

Multimedia Production

Although multimedia production isn’t the field I’m interested in going into, it has so much to offer. Whether you plan on entering this field or not the things you learn are definitely worth your time. The fact that I’ve learned (and am still learning) how to use a real camera, a switcher, and that I’m learning how to work the audio is fascinating. It’s been a busy semester but I love the amount of hands on things we’ve done throughout the time we’ve had.¬†

One Step at a Time

Today my friend Hannah and I shot our first ¬†commercial. At first I thought I didn’t know very much about what I was even doing. However, by the end of it I realized much more than I thought I did. Overall, I’ve learned so much about production this year and what goes on behind the scenes and I can’t wait to learn more!